Category: Billiards Equipment

  • Evolution of Billiard Tables

    Evolution of Billiard Tables

    This equipment is one of the most important tools to be used in playing billiards. As you trace billiards history, the concept of playing billiards in a table was during the year 1470. The billiard table was listed in the inventory of items purchased by Ling Louie XI of France. In England, billiard tables were…

  • Chalk and Cues

    Chalk and Cues

    Billiards is a game that uses cues and chalk. During the early years of existence of this game, the instruments used could be a little bit different to what we have right now. A lot of changes and discoveries led the people to develop the cue and chalk that we now have during billiards. In…

  • Billiard Balls

    Billiard Balls

    A billiard ball plays an important role on billiard games where hitting it is the main way of winning every billiard games. Billiard balls are commonly used in cue sports such as pool, snooker and carom billiards. The feature of every ball such as their numbers, type, diameter, pattern and color may vary depending upon…