Billiard cues chalk

Chalk and Cues

Billiards is a game that uses cues and chalk. During the early years of existence of this game, the instruments used could be a little bit different to what we have right now. A lot of changes and discoveries led the people to develop the cue and chalk that we now have during billiards.

In playing billiards, it is impossible to play without the cue. The cue is the tool used to push the ball in the direction that you want it to go. You need to give the ball the right push and make sure that the cue is in the right angle so you will get the result that you want. It was only during the year 1600 that the cue stick was developed. Before, the players would use the mace to hit the ball. But there are times when the ball would reach the rail and it would be difficult for them to hit the ball because the mace has a large head. In this scenario, they would use the handle of the mace to strike the ball. The handle was known as queue, which means tail. And from this word, they derived the word cue. In the early years or billiard, women were not allowed to use the cue stick and they were just allowed to use mace to play. Players fear that women might rip off the cloth covering the table because cues are sharper.

During the evolution of the different tools used in playing billiards, chalk was discovered to have the capability to increase friction between the ball and the stick. It is recommended to apply chalk before taking a shot. The chalk should be rubbed at the tip of the cue. However, the grip of the chalk with the cue tip differs with the material of the cue tip. Softer tips tend to get a better grip of the chalk compared to hard tips. However, cues with soft tips can be easily damaged because of frequent friction with the chalk.

In every game, cue and chalk works hand in hand to give out a better performance for the player. Billiard players should know how to use the chalk properly. Chalks should be replaced when there is a big hole in the middle because it will leave a stain in the ferrule.

Players should be reminded that chalks should be used to give a better shot during billiard games. Chalk etiquette should be practiced so that a good quality cue will last.






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