Billiards Table Evolution

Evolution of Billiard Tables

This equipment is one of the most important tools to be used in playing billiards. As you trace billiards history, the concept of playing billiards in a table was during the year 1470. The billiard table was listed in the inventory of items purchased by Ling Louie XI of France. In England, billiard tables were under the possession of The Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Leicester during 1588. Billiards has been a popular game that even Mary, Queen of Scots had her own billiard table inside her prison cell as she awaits her execution.

During the early years, billiard tables were made of uncovered wood. It was only during the 1660 that people used cloth covering for the table. People used a green cloth to resemble grass since billiards originated as an outdoor sport. But due to bad weather, the people were forced to play it as an indoor game. The old version of the billiard table had plump edges. They made the table appear this way so they could avoid the balls going over the edge. During their games, they found out that they could use the edges to rebound the ball.

As you trace back the history of billiards, you will see how much the players value the existence of the billiard table. Billiards was a game allowed for men only. This was due to the fear that women might damage the billiard table.

The equipments for billiards continue to evolve as people became more aware of other materials they could use. Slate became a popular tool for table beds in the year 1835. In the year 1839, they found out that it is possible to vulcanize the rubber and with that, they got the idea to use it and produce the rails of the table. During the 1850’s the billiard table evolved to the form that we know.

Nowadays, the common billiard table that we know is the perfect rectangular shaped table. The rails or cushions are made of synthetic that allows the balls to rebound without losing kinetic energy. The surface of the table known as the bed is usually made of slate. Cheaper versions of the table are made from artificial substance known as slatron or a composite wood variant known as medium density fiberboard. Both the bed and rails are covered with a green cloth made of either woven wool or a wool and nylon blend called baize. High-quality tables are made of napless weave that allows the ball to move faster. The balls’ speed and behavior usually depends on the type of cloth that the billiard table used and it is a factor to consider when you buy a billiard table.






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