Famous billiard players

It’s been said that billiards had been played for ages; in fact it was dated way back in the 14th century. Many changes were made with this sport it begun as an outdoor sport played without a table. And now its popularity to the masses just increases.

This sport became a medium to know great people like Willie Hoppe “The King” (1887-1959) he was one of the greatest all-around billiard player. He started out young and in fact he won his first world title at the age of eighteen. He reigned as the 18.1 balkline champion for almost 14 years, from 1909 to 1911 and from 1914 until 1926. He also holds the 18.2 balkline title in 1907, from 1910 to 1920 also from 1923 until 1924 and in 1927. He also set some records that still stand until now, for example the unbelievable run of 622 in 18.2 balkline.

Ralf Greenleaf “The Showman” (1899-1950) became famous because he was the first showman of billiards. He can do lot of trick-shots that amazes audiences during exhibitions. He won his first world title in 1919 and was able to win a total of 14 world title by 1937.

Willie Mosconi “The Mosconi Era” (1913-1993) was able to maintain the sports popularity during its post World War II decline. He holds 15 world titles during his era. He set a highest run record in single game, 127 balls in 1945.

Jake Schaefer, Jr. “The Prodigy” is the son of the legendary Jake “the wizard” Schaefer, Sr. was said to have greater talent than his father. He earned his rank as one of the greatest American Balkline players and holds four records which were never been equaled: best game average, 400 from the break; grand average, tournament, 57.14; grand average, match, 93.25; high run, match, 432.

Johnny Layton “The Diamond King” uses a different strategy in winning his game, he was said to be the most scientific player in billiards. He won the World Three-Cushion Championship 12 times and became famous of his diamond system method. Using table marks he was able to determine the direction of the balls rebound. He perfected this style through application of his highly develop mathematical mind.

Jimmy Caras “The Boy Wonder” he gained his nickname after defeating Ralf Greenleaf at the age of 17. He won the world title four times from 1931 to 1949 and he also won the US open in 1967. He was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 1977.

Most famous players of billiards are men but it’s not completely dominated by males. There are great women players who excel in this sport also one of which is Jean Balukas “The Cue Queen” is the second woman inducted in the BCA Hall of Fame and the youngest member of it also. She won her first U.S open at the age of 12 and collected 7 U.S open 14.1 titles.
These people are just some of the few who have helped billiards to be where it is now. Their passion and talent to the sport has helped it greatly to make it world renowned.