Straight Billiards

Straight Billiards

Straight billiards is also known as straight rail. This game uses three balls: two cue balls and a third ball that is often the red ball. These cue balls are usually larger than the common cue ball used for traditional pocket billiards. Before, to be able to determine the ownership of the cue ball, one cue ball is plain white and other contains a black spot. Hence, the term white and spot was used to determine the player. Nowadays, the spotted cue ball is no longer used and has been replaced by a yellow cue ball.

The winner will be decided according to the number of points earned. A predefined number will be set on the start of the game and whoever reaches that point first will be the winner. Points are earned every time the cue ball of the player hits the cue ball of the other player and the third ball, which is usually a red ball. Aside from earning points, the player will continue to have the opportunity to shoot as long as his cue ball hits both balls.

Proper position, not missing a single shot and using easy shots are helpful techniques to be able to win. Straight rail is a game that does not require great shots. Players should keep in mind that the goal is to reach the predefined number to avoid being careless.






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