Snooker is a recent invention of a cue ball game. It started on the late 19th century when a cadet missed a shot and Colonel Sir Nevile Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain exclaimed, “Why you’re a regular snooker!” and after explaining the meaning to his fellow soldiers the term has been adopted ever since. Snooker was an army slang for a first year cadet. “Snookered” means “thwarted”, which is a common expression in English. Snooker is commonly played in English-speaking and Commonwealth countries as well as in Far East countries.

This game is played on a rectangular table and has 6 pockets on it. Four pockets are located one on each corner and the other two is in the middle of each along side. It’s balls are made of phenolic resin just like other pool or billiard balls. Its balls are consist of 15 red balls that worth 1 point each, 6 balls of different colors and worth 2-7 points each and also a cue ball. This game is suitable for limited spaces because of it’s table size of 6 feet by 12 feet.

The objective in playing this game is potting the object ball inside one of the pocket. The player who scores more points in every game wins the frame (individual game) and whoever wins the most frames wins the match. Common fouls done in the game which is against the rules are playing a “push-shot”, it is where the cue, cue ball and object ball are in simultaneous contact, making the ball jump off the table, hitting another ball than the white with the cue and many more. The highest break a player can make which rarely occurs in every play is 147.






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