One-pocket billiard

One-pocket billiard ball is a variation of pool that uses American-style pool. It is commonly played now just like the eight ball and nine-ball in most countries. They said that it could be described as playing chess because it requires banking excellence, patience, and planning as well as great shot-making skills.

Just like in playing chess, the player must be careful on doing his shots and not leaving his opponent with a good shot. Sharp mind is really needed because the game has beginning, middle and end game so similar on playing chess.

One-pocket billiard uses Standard Rules of Pocket Billiards, as it only requires two players in order to play the game. The players can get a point once they pocketed a ball on their designated pocket. The player making the break and who plays first chooses the bottom corner pocket to be their use for the rest of the game while the other opponent will use the other bottom corner pocket. They should make all of their balls on their designated bottom pockets if it’s their chance to shoot. The one who acquires 8 points is the winner at the end of the game. Be careful on doing your shots because penalties for a foul or illegal shot is a loss of one point and in case of “scratch”, the opponents gets “ball in hand”.

A lot of people say that one-pocket billiard attracts many gamblers because it is easy to play, as it only requires 8 points to win. High stakes are involved too because it plays an important part of Kentucky Derby history in which one-pocket game is yearly played there.






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