Nine Ball

There are different types of games or rules that you can use while playing billiards. One of the most popular games is the nine-ball. This type of game was said to start in the United States during the 1920s. Before, players used this game for social gatherings and recreation purposes.

As the game progressed during the years, billiards’ nine-ball became one of the favorite sports in major tournaments. A lot of sports channel such as ESPN covers various competitions and it broadens the horizon for this game.

This game is played in a six-pocket billiards table with ten balls. The cue ball or the white ball is used to hit the other nine colored balls. The goal of this game is to place the ninth ball inside the pocket in any legal manner. Legal manners include hitting the ninth ball with the cue ball or by a combination shot.

During the game, the rule is to let the cue ball to get in contact with the lowest numbered ball in the table. This will make the goal of hitting the ninth ball and slipping it inside the pocket uneasy. If you will hit the ninth ball with the cue ball but there is a lowered number ball, it will be a foul. Players should be reminded not to commit three fouls because it can lead to defeat.

Nine-ball is a challenging billiard game. The rule may be simple but if you do not place your cue ball right, you may lose the game.






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