Eight Ball

Eight Ball

Eight ball is one of American-style pool, which is commonly played by professionals and also in many amateur games. It evolved around 1900 but been popularized in 1925. During these times, eight ball was played with seven red balls, a black ball and a cue ball. It has simple rules then but was added on the official book of billiard on 1940 that made it a little bit difficult to play.

Playing eight balls nowadays involves a lot of rules governed by several billiard-pool associations. Because of that, it made eight ball billiard consist of seven solid-colored balls and are numbered 1 to 7, seven striped balls numbered 9 to 15, a black 8 ball, and a cue ball.

At first, the balls are placed together in a triangular rack placed on top of a rectangular billiard table. The balls are ideally placed in the rack according to World Standardized Rules, which makes the black ball numbered 8 placed at the center. The position of the cue ball depends on where the player wants it to be. The first player will be determined using a predetermined method. He is the one who will have the first chance to break the ball rack. But if he fails to make a legal break, a chance will be given to his opponent.

There’s a lot of way to win an eight ball billiard competition but the common way known is pocketing the ball after all of his object ball has been pocketed or if his opponent player illegally pockets the 8 ball and if the opposing player commits any foul on the shot that pocketed the 8 ball.






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