3 Ball

The object of the 3 Ball Billiard Game is based on a point (number of shot) scoring system. To Object of the game is to break and pocket the balls in the fewest amount of shots possible. Standard billiard rules do not apply in 3 ball, anything goes in 3 ball. 3 ball is usually played among 2 or more players. The players will play one game each and lowest score wins. The only steadfast rule is the scoring of the shots. The break does count as a shot. The cue ball is positioned on the head spot (kitchen) for breaking.

The number of shots it takes a player to break and pocket all balls is their score. There are no innings in 3 ball as it is projected for one player per game. A player breaks and shoots until all balls are pocketed. A miss shot constitutes as a shot but the player will continue to shoot. The game begins as soon as the cue ball crosses the head string on a break shot. All subsequent fouls counts as one shot. Tie scores are very common in 3 ball as most average players are capable of consistently score 4’s or 3’s. A player loses the game if his opponent scores eight balls before he does. A player will loose the game for committing any foul in each of three successive innings. The excitement comes when a little creativity is needed in instances where a player may need to pocket 2 or sometimes three balls with a single shot.






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